The technology doesn’t matter. The process does.

Over the years I have worked in many different environments: technical, social, office, you name it. From dysfunctional corporate Java behemoth, via wannabe agile headless WordPress agency, briefly stopping at .NET get-it-out backwater to hipster Django iterative startup.

The one lesson I’ve learned? Process is more important than tools. With my background in Free Software and Open Source, that takes some saying. But it’s true.

Case in point: WordPress. All PHP developers I know can’t abide how WordPress is glued together with bits of baling twine and sellotape behind the shiny interface. Which is why the good folk at Roots are making lemonade with those WordPress lemons. Concentrate on the process to get the best out of your tools. So, they’ve made the best process for WordPress, with Trellis server setup, Bedrock WordPress setup and Sage theme setup.

One of my most favourite articles ever is The Twelve-Factor App, which Scott Walkinshaw mirrors in his Twelve-Factor WordPress App post. It is the ultimate in process goals, have a read 🤓.