My mobile setup


  1. Get yourself a Static Site Generator. Any one will do. I like Metalsmith.
  2. Build yourself a blog with it. I‘ve made a blog template already called Groundwork which you can use if you like.
  3. Host the blog’s repository somewhere like GitHub.
  4. Now you can write Markdown text files on your mobile phone and push it to your git repo when you have an internet connection. Super low bandwidth.

Mobile hardware

  1. Keyboard: Who’d a thunk an ex-Linux user like me would have bought something Microsoft? But I did, the Microsoft Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard, only £30ish and very nicely designed.
  2. Stand: I bought a £7 UGREEN phone holder. It works well.
  3. iPhone protection: the Anker Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector, £5ish, nice. And the Apple Silicone Back Cover Case, nice BUT £30, ouch.

Mobile software

  1. Editor: Textastic for iOS. £10, definitely worth it. I set up a Markdown Frontmatter template if you’re interested (read docs to find out how to create templates for Textastic).
  2. Git client: Working Copy. It’s a bit odd coming from using git on the command line but it works and seems pretty comprehensive and slick.