But I’m not popular enough to create my own acronym!

Spurred on by Lindsay Grizzard’s post Creating the “Perfect” CSS System and an email from Joel from Egghead, I’ve reorganised the “Modular CSS” workflow in my Hugo starter kit Indiego.

It’s based on Harry Robert’s Inverted Triangle CSS (ITCSS), from general, site-wide rules at the top of the inverted triangle, down to very specific, utility rules at the inverted tip:

Inverted Code Triangle rainbow-coloured illustration

Firstly, following Lindsay’s suggestion, I put number prefixes on everything, to make it all super clear:

  1. Variables
  2. Base
  3. Objects
  4. Components
  5. Utilities
  6. Shame

Secondly, all files follow the inverted triangle structure, including JavaScript, JPEGs, PNGs, SVGs etc. There is no /src/assets/ directory any more…

But I’m uncomfortable with the term ITCSS, there’s just too much… CSS in it, which might put off JavaScript developers. So, I have thirdly decided upon a new acronym, and I give to you:


Inverted Code Triangle

Homer Simpson in a pink shirt coming into work in a crowd of a people, being watched on CCTV

As Homer Simpson put it so eloquently, ”But I’m not popular enough to be different!”, I really don’t imagine I’m popular enough for it to catch on. At least it’s out there 🙂