1. Style Guide reference
    A couple of references for style guides
  2. Social (Media) Exclusion
    How come I can’t log in to @Facebook whilst Britain First has 1.5 million Facebook followers?
  3. Onward with Groundwork Metalsmith blog template
    It’s non-stop busy-busy with udpates to Groundwork, the Metalsmith blog template that aims to simplify static site publishing
  4. Creating a 404 error page in Metalsmith
    Creating a 404 page in Metalsmith is easy, you simply have to generate a 404.html page in the root of your website
  5. Groundwork is back, kind of
    The Metalsmith blog template Groundwork is back, tidied up and easier to use.
  6. Reworking Groundwork 3. nodemon & BrowserSync
    Part 3 of building a Metalsmith blog template from scratch is setting up Node file monitoring with nodemon and synchronised browser testing with BrowserSync
  7. Reworking Groundwork 2. Prettier & ESLint
    In part 2 of building a Metalsmith blog template from scratch, I look at Prettier and ESLint for making my code right and nice
  8. Reworking Groundwork 1. semantic-release
    Setup @github, @travisci installing semantic-release to automate semantic versioning for new Groundwork @metalsmithio template
  9. All new Groundwork
    A ground up rebuilding of the Groundwork Metalsmith blog template
  10. Buildings built from the inside out
    Imagine if websites were designed by interior designers
  11. Metalsmith blog template
    Does the world really need yet another blog template?
  12. My mobile setup
    FWIW here’s how I set up my mobile blogging workflow
  13. The technology doesn’t matter. The process does.
    I don’t want to get all agnostic on your ass but really what you’re doing is more important than how you’re doing
  14. Why Static Site Generators are SuperCool
    Static Site Generators are the New Hotness of the past few years, and they play a crucial role in the Open Web.
  15. Out in the world
    The obligatory first post to herald the bright new dawn of a shiny new blog…