About Grow Digital

Grow Digital Ltd is mostly me, Jake Rayson.

I’m a frontend developer/designer with a particular fondness for accessibility, well-crafted design systems and modular CSS. Of late, I have been learning React and JavaScript.

Big names

Big names aren’t necessarily good names but they are recognisable, and infer a degree of professionalism. Here are some big names I’ve worked for over the years:

  • Microsoft
  • Vodafone
  • BBC
  • Orange
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Virgin Media

How did you build this amazing website?

Designed in Inkscape and Sketch, using the Solarized theme by Ethan Schoonover. Built with Groundwork, a most awesome Modular CSS Starter Kit for Metalsmith, a JavaScript static site generator.

I code with Sublime Text and use GitHub to host the repository, and it is deployed by the magnificently simple and powerful Netlify (PRO plan free for Open Source projects folks!).

I use Markdown to write blog posts, which are then formatted by Metalsmith into HTML using Handlebars templates.

All content is copyright © Grow Digital Ltd under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license by Creative Commons. The website is licensed under MIT and GPL v3 licenses.